50 Awesome Teas: Drink one a day to boost your health!

In a world dominated by capsules, herbal tea often finds itself buried in the bottom drawer. Don’t get me wrong, I take herb capsules made by Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs every day—the convenience is unbeatable. However, hot tea often delivers higher doses of bioavailable phytonutrients than capsules can; many teas have a greater physiological effect than your average pharmaceutical drug…with no side effects.

Daily consumption of a hot herbal drink builds up your immune system and helps you stay healthy. Make sure you brew your tea with high quality, purified water. I use a MultiPure filter for all my drinking and cooking water.

Chaga mushroom is a very healthy tea that has powerful immune-boosting and anti-cancer properties.

I have two appliances that make tea brewing quick and easy: The first is a Cuisinart electric kettle that lets you select the best temperature for a specific kind of tea. The second is an Avalon water cooler/dispenser that holds hot water in its tank. The electric kettle is good for brewing a half-gallon of tea (refrigerate the extra) and the cooler/dispenser works well to make a quick cup.

Search Amazon.com for “tea infuser” and you’ll find a lot of excellent stainless steel options for brewing loose-leaf teas. I like to pack a few medium-sized infusers with herbs and drop them into a 64 oz. Hydroflask bottle that’s full of hot water. You can refrigerate the extra tea and use it as the base for smoothies…or drink it as iced tea. If you’re short on time, tea bags are perfect for brewing an instant cup. Choose the highest quality, organic/wild-harvested herbal teas you can find! Good companies to check out include Mountain Rose Herbs and Equal Exchange.

Here are my 50 favorite teas—I’ve surveyed the current research and highlighted the top 3 health benefits for each. Try them all to find out which ones you like!

  1. Gynostemma (aka Jiaogulan): Protects against stress. Balances the immune system. Longevity.
  2. Chaga: Regulates the immune system. Anti-inflammatory. Anti-cancer properties.
  3. Ginger: Relieves nausea. Energizing. Immune boosting.
  4. Chaparral: Anti-fungal. Anti-bacterial. Anti-viral. *Powerful, intense herb—not for daily use.
  5. Hercampuri: Weight loss. Can lower cholesterol. Supports the liver and kidneys.
  6. Slippery Elm Bark: Coats and soothes all digestive organs. Weight loss. Anti-cancer properties.
  7. White Oak Bark: Helps gall bladder. Detoxifies kidneys. Anti-bacterial for teeth and gums—supports dental hygiene.
  8. Dandelion: Supports liver health. Helps balance blood sugar. Useful for urinary disorders.
  9. Black Walnut Leaves: Powerful anti-parasitic. Anti-fungal. Anti-cancer properties.
  10. Rooibos: Calms the body and promotes sleep. Can reduce blood pressure. Useful for eczema.
  11. Echinacea: Combats colds. Helps fight flus and infections. Useful for insomnia/chronic fatigue.
  12. Elderberry: Powerful anti-viral properties. Cholesterol-lowering. Can improve vision.
  13. Licorice: Anti-viral. Natural laxative and expectorant. Helps heal small intestine/leaky gut.
  14. Marshmallow: Anti-bacterial. Anti-inflammatory. Gut and lung protector.
  15. Peppermint: Soothes the digestive system. Helps muscles recover. Anti-viral properties.
  16. Spearmint: Soothes the stomach. Improves hormone regulation. Anti-cancer properties.
  17. Schizandra: Reduces stress/fatigue. Increases endurance. Enhanced physical performance.
  18. Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng): Increases energy. Boosts the immune system. Good for recovery.
  19. Eucalyptus: Anti-bacterial. Helps balance blood sugar. Good for nasal congestion.
  20. Stinging Nettle: Calms allergies. Reduces inflammation. Good for prostate health.
  21. Oregano: Powerful anti-bacterial. Anti-inflammatory. Cancer prevention.
  22. Sage: Anti-bacterial. Helps balance blood sugar. Improves liver function.
  23. Thyme: Soothes throat and lungs. Can lower blood pressure. Cholesterol-balancing properties.
  24. Rose Hips: Helps balance blood sugar. Anti-inflammatory properties make it useful for arthritis. Anti-viral.
  25. Lemon balm: Calms stomach and digestive system. Promotes sleep. Pain relief.
  26. Lemon grass: Calms nervous system. Helps balance cholesterol. Blood sugar balancing.
  27. Chamomile: Calms stomach. Sleep-promoting. Reduces allergies.
  28. Kava: Promotes sleep. Reduces stress and anxiety. Anti-cancer properties.
  29. Pau D’Arco: Detoxifies the body. Reduces inflammation. Fights candida.
  30. Cinnamon: Can balance blood sugar. Improves circulation. Helps with weight loss.
  31. Ginkgo: Increases concentration. Good for vision and eye health. Boosts libido.
  32. Lavender: Supports heart health. Lowers anxiety/stress. Induces sleep.
  33. Honeysuckle: Relieves headaches. Helps balance blood sugar. Boosts immunity.
  34. Raspberry Leaves: Anti-inflammatory. Anti-cancer properties. Heart protector.
  35. Red Clover Blossoms: Boosts bone strength. Improves cardiovascular health. Reduces menopausal symptoms.
  36. Passion Flower: Reduces anxiety. Can lower blood pressure. Balances blood sugar.
  37. Chrysanthemum: Blood pressure lowering. Cools the body. Detoxifies the liver.
  38. Myosotis: Blood pressure lowering. Soothes the nervous system. Promotes sleep.
  39. Sassafras: Detoxifies the body. Supports prostate health. Longevity.
  40. Sarsaparilla: Anti-cancer properties. Anti-bacterial (formerly a treatment for Syphilis). Anti-inflammatory, especially for joints.
  41. Skullcap: Reduces anxiety. Weight loss. Helps balance hormones.
  42. St. John’s Wort: Improves mood and useful for depression. Can ease addictive tendencies. Reduces mood swings.
  43. Uva Ursi: Boosts urinary tract health. Weight loss. Anti-inflammatory.
  44. Blue Vervain: Detoxifies the liver. Soothes the nervous system. Immune boosting.
  45. Yerba Santa: Powerful herb for colds and flus. Supports lungs and spleen. Useful for treating fatigue. *Powerful, intense herb—not for daily use.
  46. Stevia: Weight loss. Helps balance blood sugar. Good for teeth and gums.

Unlike the first 46 teas on this list, the following contain caffeine: 

  1. Jasmine: Anti-cancer properties. Boosts alertness and attention. Reduces stress.
  2. Green: Improves brain function. Weight loss. Anti-cancer properties.
  3. Guyusa: Weight loss. Immune booster. Anti-cancer properties.
  4. Yerba Mate: Reduces stress. Promotes healthy digestion. Boosts heart health.

What is your favorite tea? Is it on the list? Comment down below!


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